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SFN to run remote full-day Surgery on 11 October and 22 November 2021

The Satellite Finance Network is running a full-day remote surgery on 11 October and 22 November 2021, between 10am and 4pm.

SFN Surgeries consist of an hour appointment with experts on a variety of topics such as:

  • Strategy
  • Access to finance, including grant finance
  • Links into the regional and national space ecosystem
  • Regulatory issues (licensing, spectrum, liabilities, export control)
  • Team and management issues
  • Business models
  • Recruitment and the BackonBoard project
  • Setting up, and growth, in the UK
  • Navigation of Government bodies
  • Advice as to business opportunities between companies, including with companies outside the space sector
  • IP issues
  • Presentation techniques and content

Bookings will be in the form of hourly meetings, and several Government departments and Ofcom are supporting the initiative.

To arrange a booking, please contact Joanne Wheeler: