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SFN Surgeries to be held in Edinburgh all day on 3 February

The SFN will be running the SFN Surgeries for a full day on 3 February 2020 along with the STFC at the Higgs Centre for Innovation, Royal Observatory Edinburgh, Blackford Hill, Edinburgh, EH9 3HJ.

SFN Surgeries consist of an hour appointment with experts on a variety of topics such as:

  • Strategy
  • Access to finance, including grant finance
  • Links into the regional and national space ecosystem
  • Regulatory issues (licensing, spectrum, liabilities, export control)
  • Team and management issues
  • Business models
  • Recruitment and the BackonBoard project
  • Setting up, and growth, in the UK
  • Navigation of Government bodies
  • Advice as to business opportunities between companies, including with companies outside the space sector
  • IP issues
  • Presentation techniques and content

The Surgeries are currently always free of charge, and written feedback and advice will be provided to each company or individual.

Several Government departments, including Scottish Enterprise, and Ofcom are supporting these Surgeries.

Surgeries must be booked in advance by contacting Joanne Wheeler via email on