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SFN publishes COVID-19 Support and Guidance document

The Satellite Finance Network has published a new document entitled COVID-19: Implications for the UK Space and Satellite Industry: Support and Guidance.

The COVID-19 pandemic, and the international governmental response to seek containment of it, has had an immediate and damaging impact on a wide range of businesses across all sectors of the economy. The numbers of workers affected by the virus in combination with restrictions on people’s movements, not just for international travel but at a local level, have in many industries severely and suddenly impacted companies’ operational performance, customer markets, supply chains, access to finance and in some cases their financial viability as going concerns.

The UK Government, along with many other national governments, has launched an unprecedented economic assistance package aimed at assisting businesses and employees to cope with the crisis and its household and business consequences.

This note seeks to provide practical guidance and summarise the Government and other resources available for the UK space and satellite commercial sector. Many of the points below have been added in response to queries that the SFN has already received.

In addition, the SFN’s BackonBoard project remains available to seek to match experienced management level executives with companies who may wish to reinforce their management teams in the face of this crisis.

If you would like further assistance in relation to any of the matters covered in this note or if you have other questions not covered here, please contact the SFN at or and we will do our best to assist you.

You may also wish to participate in our one-to-one company Surgeries or our training sessions which will shortly be launched to help our members through this difficult time.

We will keep this guidance note under review and will do our best to keep it up to date and also to supplement it to cover any additional matters which come to our attention that apply more generally.

View the full document: COVID-19: Implications for the UK Space and Satellite Industry: Support and Guidance