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2014 Satellite Finance Network Conference and Trade Show

The Satellite Finance Network (SFN) is delighted to invite people to its third Conference and Trade Show which will take place on 19 March at Inmarsat, City Road, London. The conference will focus on the dynamic SME community, and address access to finance, information, skills, advice, and business and industry support to stimulate a supportive business environment.

Attendance is free, and delegates will have the opportunity to hear about SME success stories, as well as access to information, skills, advice and finance to stimulate growth. A trade show will run in parallel, and companies are invited to take a stand to showcase their services and capabilities.

To register for the event, please download the invitation and application form or register online. For other details, such as speaking opportunities, please contact SFN Co-Chair, Joanne Wheeler, on 020 7367 3723 or