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Finance and regulatory network for the UK space industry



Membership of the SFN is open to all members of the finance, legal, insurance, government and space communities, and anyone with an interest in doing business with the UK space industry and in using satellite technology. It is open to all individuals, companies and investors interested in learning more about the space industry and its applications, regulatory issues and exporting requirements. Companies also wishing to explore business opportunities with other companies are welcome to join.

Membership Benefits

The benefits of membership include:

  1. Networking opportunities for investors and the space industry – at all levels
  2. Early notice of SFN events and conferences. The SFN aims to hold a full day conference and an elevator pitch, regulatory workshop, and networking evening each year.
  3. Priority invitations for speaking slots and elevator pitches at SFN events and conferences
  4. Twice yearly SFN newsletters, covering industry, finance, regulatory and export related issues

Coming soon, we also plan to provide an SFN industry directory,

How to Become a Member

For further information on becoming a member, please contact Joanne Wheeler at

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