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2. Connecting Skills

The Connecting Skills Project seeks to introduce individual members to corporate members of the SFN and UKspace in the space industry.

Individual Members

Individual members looking for a new role can access the current vacancies here.

If you want to include yourself as an individual member looking for a new role and to be available to corporate members on our candidates page, please contact the SFN

Your profile is summarised on our candidates’ page in an anonymous format and we will not introduce you or share any of your personal information with a corporate member unless we have your express written consent to do so.

Neither the SFN nor UKspace can offer any recommendations or advice in the selection processes.

Corporate Members

If you are a corporate member looking to acquire talent to fill a position, please contact the SFN with summary information to be uploaded here.

Corporate members interested in finding suitable individual members for available roles can review summary credentials here.

Please contact us if you wish to submit summary information. Please note that we can only introduce our corporate members to an individual member if that individual member has confirmed they would like to be introduced.

There are no charges for these introductions.

Please contact us for more information:

Joanne Wheeler
SFN, Chair