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3. Mentoring Project

The Satellite Finance Network and UKspace have engaged with an impressive list of individual members able to mentor SMEs across this time of the COVID-19 crisis. A summary of the experience of these mentors are described below.

  • 20 years of professional strategy and technical experience across various senior roles in the aerospace sector. VP at a large constellation operator, covering a cross-functional role across technical, finance and commercial divisions. Prior to that had role as a C-level executive of a PE-backed company leading strategy and operations in Europe and acted as independent advisor to VC and entrepreneurs on investment strategy in technology sectors and blockchain applications. Previously Head of Engineering Department and transitioned to Head of the Telecommunication Business Unit at a small satellite manufacturer. Contact SFN – Ref: M1001
  • Over 25 years in industry. Worked in senior positions and started own company in the middle of the current crisis. Currently working with a small number of organisations including a satellite start-up, helping them navigate the current situation and plan for the long-term development of the company. Acted as mentor to people and organisations, giving them an outside perspective, helping them clarify goals but most importantly helping focus on priorities.  People need different levels of help. Sometimes just having sounding board is all that is needed. Contact SFN – Ref: M1002
  • Experienced UK Managing Director in the satellite and autonomous platforms domain, devising and executing international business development, sales and marketing plans, introducing and scaling disruptive products, services and technologies within a start-up environment. Contact SFN – Ref: M1003
  • More than three decades of professional experience. Started my own company twice, taking a bio-tech company public at the Nasdaq small start-up section. Past senior management roles in many private and public companies across Europe and the US. Experience mentoring young entrepreneurs to get funded or to review their business models, strategies for commercial roll-out, partnerships and go-to-market, as well as helping them to address the institutional investors community. Contact SFN – Ref: M1004
  • An experienced chartered accountant and seasoned board director able to assist with governance, reporting and risk management. Significant recent exposure to raising both equity and debt financing for businesses of varying sizes and stages of development. Also led the restructuring of the capital structure of over $1 billion of financing through a debt for equity swap necessitating careful stakeholder liaison. Contact SFN – Ref: M1005
  • Experienced individual with expertise in technical and commercial strategy in the telecoms and media sectors. Contributed to the rise in satellite TV across Europe including signing up many US broadcasters and securing UK government legislation to permit DTH satellite dishes without planning permission. Set up my own media company and advised many national broadcasters and telcos on how to roll out IPTV. Raised £2m in private equity and co-founded a Broadband company which delivered satellite broadband into BskyB dishes. Spells advising HMG on delivery of broadband services to the elderly and vulnerable, as Head of Global Government, and as Director of Strategy & Business Development at two large satellite operators. Contact SFN – Ref: M1006
  • 45 years of experience in the satellite industry. 31 years leading an SME consultancy through good and bad times. Experience includes space and ground segment design, implementation and operation, mainly in Europe, Asia and Africa, for commercial and governmental clients. Corporate responsibilities have included Commercial, Financial and Technical. Contact SFN – Ref: M1007
  • Expertise in satellite user markets, commercial/marketing strategy and investor-readiness. Experienced mentor with 30+ years’ experience as senior executive and consultant in telecoms, transport, environment/agriculture, financial, business and consumer services. Has supported space businesses with strategy, marketing, business planning and preparation to raise finance. Great if you have good technology but are struggling to connect with customers or investors. Contact SFN – Ref: M1008

The Mentoring Project aims to create a vibrant, effective and sustainable mentoring network to support start-ups and SMEs in the UK space industry.

The Mentors will come from different backgrounds, having worked in the space and other industries in different places and various positions. Each mentor will be dedicated to using their expertise for the benefit of encouraging and supporting the growth of start-ups and SMEs across this difficult period.

If you are a company seeking to be introduced to one of the Mentors above or are an experienced individual member who can assist an SME at this time please contact the SFN.

There are no charges to participate in the Mentoring Project and the advice and time of the Mentors is free.

Please contact us for more information:

Joanne Wheeler
SFN, Chair