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Elevator Pitch Training and Pitch Events

The SFN is a network which seeks to bring the growing satellite and space industry together with the financial community: offering opportunities for both. We have excellent relationships with investors who are specifically interested in space and satellite application opportunities.

The SFN and Innovate UK are pleased to invite you to submit a proposal to be part of our:

  • Elevator Pitch Training Day, on 1 November between 10:00 and 13:00 at Bird & Bird LLP, 12 New Fetter Lane, London which will include the opportunity to benefit from one-to-one advice sessions with business, IP and legal experts
  • Elevator Pitch Event, in front of investors, on 17 November between 09:00 and 13:00 at techUK, 10 Bride Street, London, EC4A 4AD

If you would like to be considered to be involved in these events please complete the application form, with information on your business and also a short executive summary of your activities (no longer than two pages) and return it to Joanne Wheeler, Co-Chair of the SFN at and copy by 5pm on Friday 14 October 2016. The SFN will then notify you if you have been selected to participate by Wednesday 19 October.

Should you wish to register to attend the Elevator Pitch event on 17 November as an investor or attendee only, please RSVP directly to

A summary of the events is provided below. Full details will be provided to the selected companies.

This is an excellent opportunity to raise your company's profile, gain pitching experience, benefit from expert assistance and have the opportunity to pitch to investors. We hope many of you will submit applications to be part of these events. Companies based in the UK or companies looking to establish in the UK are welcome to apply.

Elevator Pitch Training Day

With the assistance of Innovate UK, the SFN will select between 10 and 12 companies, based on the completed forms, to be part of the Elevator Pitch Training Day. The selection will be based on how closely we believe that your proposition fits our investor base and on the investor attractiveness of your proposition.

The purpose of the training day is to prepare the selected companies for their pitch to actual investors during the Elevator Pitch Event and to give the companies the opportunity to benefit from advice from investors and a panel of business, corporate, IP and legal advisers.

Each company will be given six minutes to pitch as part of a pitch "Investing Game".

Each member of the audience, comprising primarily of other pitching companies, will be given ‘monopoly money’ to invest in the other proposals pitched. After the pitches, the audience will be shown where the money was placed and then asked why and to explain what was particularly good or bad in the other pitches.

The purpose of the game is to put the audience in the position of the investor, to get them to think like an investor and to appreciate what investors experience when trying to select which opportunities to pursue from multiple applications – whilst at the same time getting feedback on their own pitch and being able to compare their own proposition with the others. The winner, attracting the most monopoly money investment, will receive a small prize.

Professional views will also be available from a panel of experienced investors and other advisers.

Companies can also "book" one-to-one sessions with experts free of charge.

Elevator Pitch Event

The companies from the Elevator Pitch Training Day which we believe are both attractive to investors and are investment ready will be invited to the Elevator Pitch Event.

Each of the 10 to 12 companies will have the opportunity to give a six minute pitch and the audience will have two minutes to present questions.

Investors may also seek a direct introduction to the pitching companies.

Download the application form