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The BackonBoard Project

The BackonBoard project seeks to introduce individuals with financial, management, strategy, legal, technical, risk management or commercial experience to start-up companies and small companies which may need additional guidance and advice or are looking for a key individual to help them grow and succeed.

Many of the individuals will have been entrepreneurs themselves or have held senior corporate positions. Some may currently hold senior positions but may be looking for a non-executive director (NED) role or to be involved in growing a small company. Some individuals may have taken a career break for a number of reasons but are now looking to work with a startup or small company to offer their valuable commercial, corporate or financial experience.

Each individual is dedicated to using their expertise for the benefit of encouraging and supporting the growth of members of the UK space industry.

Making connections

Start-ups and small companies

If you are a start-up or small company and are looking for someone to fill a board position, an NED or simply require corporate or commercial advice, perhaps before investor presentations - the SFN can put you in touch with the individuals in its BackonBoard project.

The SFN can forward you the CVs of interested BackonBoard members, but will leave companies to contact, interview and decide on whether or not to appoint any individual.

The SFN can not offer any recommendations or advice in the selection process.

There are no charges for these introductions.

Experienced individuals

If you are an individual looking to apply your expertise to assist and guide start-ups or small companies or are looking for an NED role, please contact us.

We will inform you when a company is looking for someone to fill a board position, an NED or is seeking advice. If you are interested, we will then forward your CV to the company.

The SFN cannot recommend you to apply for any particular position, or recommend whether or not to take an appointment, or become involved in discussions as to private terms.

There are no charges for these introductions.

Networking events

The SFN also plans to hold various networking events and will ensure invitations are sent to BackonBoard members.

Please contact us for more information:

Joanne Wheeler
SFN, Co-Chair